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Training a new Trading Platform at a Leading Betting Company

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Our client was a British-based betting and gambling company and the largest retail bookmaker in the world.

The business was undergoing a major project to upgrade their legacy platform which currently supported their fixed-odds betting operations.  They had engaged a technology partner to build a platform to upgrade processes, which removed a lot of previously manual procedures.

We were brought on board to get the business ready to adopt the technology, manage the effects of a newly automated business and implement new ways of working.

A large part of the project was training the end users in the 100-strong Trading team, alongside a significant number of support teams, in the new system.


To ensure business readiness, we planned and managed the operational cutover, including training design and delivery, for both end users and support teams.

Working closely with the Trading leadership team, we conducted Training Needs Analysis (TNA) to enable us to understand which departments needed training and what needed covering.

As this was a highly complex trading system we adopted a “train the trainer” approach, meaning training could be conducted by internal colleagues, using the technical language the teams were familiar with.  These internal trainers also understood the previous system, which enabled them to explain the differences and the benefits of the new platform.

With a focus on sustainability we identified key members of the teams and in addition to training them on the new software, we also coached them in training skills, in order to deliver the training as effectively as possible.  Whilst they were delivering training we observed and gave them ongoing coaching and feedback.

In order to transfer knowledge and capability into the business we developed extensive online and offline training materials including user guides, e-learning modules and training rotas.


The IT upgrade was successfully completed and the business was effectively trained to receive the technology and deliver the benefits.  In keeping with our mission to land sustainable change, we ensured that the training materials we created were designed to be used long after we had left.

We handed over the training materials in amendable formats so, as the system continued to develop, the User Guides and also the e-learning modules could be updated internally.

At the completion of the project there was increased business engagement in, and ownership of, the new technology.

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