Our Services

We are a London-based, global consulting firm that specialises in strategic change and business transformation programmes for retail and consumer clients.

Our mission:  To be the best retail and consumer consulting firm in the world

We are London-based but we deliver projects across the globe.  As a result, our outlook is international: we help our clients to adapt to cross-cultural and multi-channel challenges as well as the opportunities that increased globalisation brings.


The work we do embraces a wide range of skills and disciplines and takes in the full spectrum of business change management.

Our projects fall into broad categories:

Technology-led Transformation

Change centerd about selecting and embedding the right systems and processes at the heart of the business

Business Transformation

Major shifts in market positioning, downsizing, rebranding, mergers – programmes that address a need for rapid step change

Culture & organization Change

Values, relationships, structures, policies – addressing the human behaviors that fundamentally underpin business change

Digital Change

Uniquely positioned to measure, understand and articulate a company’s digital culture due to our combined digital and anthopological expertise

Cross Sector Consulting

We have worked across a range of sectors including healthcare, betting, public sector and global sourcing.