Business Transformation

When market forces demand it, companies must adapt to survive.

Major shifts in market positioning, wholesale restructuring, downsizing, mergers – these situations require a step change.  But large organizations are like trains: set up to run efficiently in one direction.  It takes skill and careful planning to change the route map and get back on track – without unscheduled service interruptions.

“A system cannot understand itself… transformation requires a view from outside.”  W. Edwards Deming

When it’s clear that nothing less than major restructuring is necessary, we help our clients to refine their business case and vision. 

Then we break down the “big picture” objective into manageable initiatives and clearly defined processes, and put them back together to create a clear roadmap for change.  And perhaps most importantly, we provide the combination of project management expertise and deep retailing skills necessary to manage the change programme.

At CMG we believe that step change requires an outside viewpoint.  But we also understand that genuine transformation can only come from within the organization.  That’s why we deploy consultants with real commercial experience, with the confidence to roll up their sleeves and become part of the business for the duration of the change programme.

Business Transformation programmes call on the full range of our talents: from process mapping and supply chain analysis to stakeholder communication strategies, and from the boardroom to the shop floor. Throughout the engagement we’re generous with our expertise, sharing our tools and methodologies freely.