Culture & Organisation Change

Why do certain companies thrive whilst others fail?  What makes one business survive a downturn whilst others struggle?  There might be individual reasons but at the heart of the matter lies the culture of an organization.

organizational culture is crucial to the performance of a company; however in many cases business leaders are unaware of how it can be optimised.

Assessing the culture of a company, with a view to improving it, can be difficult.  By its very nature it’s intangible and internal teams tasked with defining it can struggle to be objective.

CMG’s roots are in people science; we were founded by an anthopologist and as such can deploy ethnographic methodologies to understand and articulate individual cultures.  We can help people measure, understand and articulate the metaphors, myths and rituals which companies observe, and produce an action plan to improve the culture going forward.

Faced with the choice between changing one’s mind and proving that there is no need to do so, almost everyone gets busy on the proof.” John Kenneth Galbraith

CMG uses qualitative and quantitative analysis to evaluate relationships between groups of people, both  within the organization and beyond: customers, suppliers and other stakeholders.

We help our clients to identify the customer experience they seek to create, to define their values and to embed new ways of working.  Our approach to culture change is collaborative and pragmatic.  We understand that, while we act as an essential external catalyst, sustainable change comes from within the company.  So we concentrate on creating “pull” within the company rather than pushing from the outside.

We have developed a comprehensive set of methodologies to help us:

  • Gain insights into cultures and behaviors through anonymous online and interview surveys
  • Work alongside an internal team to create ideas and foster engagement, enabling real change in ways of working and the application of values
  • Benchmark our client’s processes against our HR process management model, recommending improvements and tools where required
  • Facilitate sessions for groups of any size in a way that encourages creative thinking, debate and decision-making