Digital Change

CMG’s roots are in digital.  Our extensive digital experience and rich network of technology partners gives our clients access to creative minds and practical solutions.


What We Do

Launching a Joint Retail Channel in the US

We were engaged by two major telecoms retailers to use our solid understanding of the US retail landscape to launch a brand new JV retail channel in the US.

We gathered and defined over 1,400 requirements before applying a structured scoring system to manage the outsourcing approach for 80 software, maintenance, marketing and consulting vendors.  Read more…

Web Taxonomy Transformation

We were engaged by a well-known high street fashion retailer to optimise the performance of their Oracle Endeca software and to transform their legacy taxonomy infrastructure.

We successfully trained all team members to operate the Endeca software on a BAU basis whilst working with key stakeholder teams to identify, define, implement and roll out ongoing improvements to optimise their website.  Read more…

Business-wide Transformation using Microsoft Dynamics AX

We were engaged to work with the UK’s largest fast food delivery company to manage the implementation of a full suite of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 modules across the entire business.

There was little margin for error in the implementation so we ran an extensive operational readiness programme to practice the eventual system go-live.  Read more…


What We Think

The Future of the Retail Store – is this Latest Version Here to Stay?

What the “store of the future” will look like is something that’s on a lot of people’s minds at the moment. The latest retailer to throw their hat in this increasingly crowded ring is Farfetch, the online fashion platform which sells stock from over 700 boutiques around the world. They have recently opened their doors to their “Store of the Future Beta” exhibition at the new Design Museum in Kensington.  Read more…


Changing Customer Experience – the Rise of Conversational Commerce

Thanks to rising comfort levels with virtual assistants and chatbots and advances in technology, voice commands and messaging apps are presenting exciting new sales platforms…. Read more…


How AI Bots can Drive Efficiencies in the Workplace

Interest in Artificial Intelligence has never been higher.

Top technology companies are investing significant resources: Amazon uses A.I to recommend products and operate robots in its fulfillment centers, Facebook uses it to rank posts in its news feed and Google has used it to enhance its search engine and street view applications.  Read more…



What is Digital?

The retail landscape is changing at a phenomenal speed.  In this digital era, relentless innovation is disrupting the market and changing the way consumers interact with organizations.

Our world is now hyper-connected with new technologies, new customer expectations and new business models disrupting the status quo.  The challenge we face is inspiring new ideas and driving innovation today, whilst anticipating and adapting to be relevant in the future.

Doing nothing is not an option; in fact it is often the biggest risk.  However legacy technology constraints can hold organizations back.

At CMG we’re here to enable retailers take their first steps in negotiating the digital maze, helping them to inspire new ideas and drive practical innovation.  And for those companies who have made their first steps in this direction, we’re experts at optimising existing solutions to ensure they are seizing all the opportunities of this digital age.

Our team are uniquely positioned to measure, understand and articulate a company’s digital culture due to their combined digital and anthopological expertise.  Here’s how we can help:

Online strategy and digital design

“We know that digital isn’t just about new shiny websites and new apps; it’s about creating a personal connection with customers that adds value to their work and lives.”  Julia Cook, Managing Partner

Since the day we launched we’ve been helping businesses focus on online strategic goals, defining digital marketing strategies and putting customer experience at the heart of their digital transformations.  Sometimes that means re-engineering every process and skill set, and sometimes it simply means moving to a new technology platform.

Store of the Future

We’re seeing a period of tremendous disruption in retail; disruption which offers vast opportunities for the in-store experience and the retail model more generally.

Digital technology has the potential to elevate the retail environment, delivering a sleek, modern, contemporary experience to today’s sophisticated, uber-connected consumers.  Endless aisle, flexible POS tech, web walls and bluetooth headsets for team members all offer an immersive brand experience for the customer.  Digital tech also allows retailers the opportunity to look “outside the box” and develop improved operating models, processes and supply chains.

A carefully considered in-store digital strategy is important;  retailers must evolve to succeed and partnering with CMG is the first step on this transformation.

Digital Operating Models

organizations know what they are aiming for; they want to be more agile, more effective and deliver a great customer experience.  However, a common problem is they tend adopt the latest initiative to implement one-off projects in a particular area.  The result?  Disappointment, temporary gains and no sign of the major impact which was hoped for.

In today’s increasingly virtual, scattered workplace, organizations need new ways to innovate, allocate resources and reinvent processes.

Here at CMG we specialise in delivering all aspects of digital change, realising transformation strategies through structured business analysis, project and programme management.  We have deep experience in enabling organizations define new, innovative target operating models, driving the business transformations needed to achieve success.