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Winning with Shopper Data

by Julia Cook Amazon’s recent purchase of Wholefoods has switched the question from ‘which grocers will become online retailers?’ to ‘which online retailers will become brick and mortar retailers?’. As Amazon and Alibaba in China have realised, the power of combining both online and offline data is unassailable – the best way to truly understand your customers.  And while 97%...


What Online Data Looks Like in the High Street

Amazon’s new bookshop in New York has caused ripples throughout the retail world with commentators excitedly declaring that Amazon, having taken over the online world, is now extending its tentacles to the high street. So what is the story? What sort of expertise are they bringing and how is it different from a “normal” bookshop? The standard bookshop model is...


The Infrastructure Squeeze

Thought leadership in the supply chain sector today is buzzing with ideas, but forget big data, drones and driverless cars. You should be sharing logistics with your biggest rival – and here’s why. Picture a road leading into a city. The road is clogged with cars, lorries and vans of all sizes – none are moving. Each vehicle has somewhere...